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Find Waldo in the History Center and Support Local Businesses

Waldo is back for a tour of the latest exhibits at the History Center! All this month, he'll be wandering the displays and invites you to join him for Where's Waldo Waterbury.

Pick up your Waldo Passport at Bridgeside Books and find him at the 25 locations across town to earn stamps and win prizes. Details are on the back of your passport.

Find Waldo Local is a program sponsored by the American Booksellers Association, Candlewick Press, and independent bookstores across the country. Bookstores team up with local businesses and organizations for a scavenger hunt throughout the month of July, and participants earn a stamp each time they spy the bespectacled fellow hiding amongst the wares and displays. In its 12th year, the promotion helps support all things local.

Finding Waldo in the History Center depends on the honor system since we are not staffed full time. Please mark your passport honestly!

The History Center is open Mon.-Fri., 8AM - 4:30 PM for self-guided tours.


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