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There are many ways you can keep Waterbury's history vibrant in the hearts and minds of our community. From occasionally helping out at events to joining one of our committees, no effort is too small. Together, we preserve, protect, and pass on our collective story to future citizens of Waterbury.

Our Mission

Waterbury Historical Society collects, researches, documents, preserves, and exhibits artifacts related to the history of Waterbury, Vermont to help others gain deeper appreciation, education and inspiration through connections with our past.

History Center

Our collections are the heart of Waterbury's story, spanning the everyday lives of ordinary citizens to the achievements and impact of three State governors. Volunteering with the History Center can include inventorying artifacts and documents waiting to be digitally catalogued, proofreading catalog entries for style consistency, and culling duplicate objects. Additionally, exhibits need researching, planning, and refreshing on a regular basis.



The program committee's formal charge is to plan and promote our quarterly programs. Programs are free and open to the public, and can feature an array of topics, guest speakers, and multimedia presentations.


Outreach Education

This committee's formal charge is to "conduct outreach to the community to increase awareness of and participation in" the historical society. They collaborate with other groups, such as the schools and the Senior Center, to bring Waterbury's history into the community with special presentations, field trips, and activities.



In addition to our quarterly programs, we plan several special events throughout the year, including the annual Memorial Day Celebration & Ghost Walk, History Center Open Houses, and history walks. Volunteers help with staffing, refreshments, reservations, and event logisitcs.


Member Engagement

This group of volunteers helps cultivate the relationships and resources that sustain and grow the society. Opportunities include donor and volunteer outreach, grant writing assistance, and other fundraising initiatives. Volunteers can also serve on the nominating committee, which engages with society members throughout the year to encourage interest in leadership positions, such a committee chair or member of the board of directors.



Volunteers on the communications team help with a variety of writing, editing and design projects, including the quarterly newsletter, event and program posters, digital content for social media and the website, and press releases.


Board of Directors

WHS is volunteer-run at every level. Every month, the board of directors meets to discuss the business of the society. Board members serve two- or three-year terms. Elections take place at our annual meeting in the fall, while terms align with the calendar year.

Get in touch

Let us know how you would like to be involved, and we'll match you with opportunities that fit your interests and time.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

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