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Books available for purchase

The following publications are being sold by the Waterbury Historical Society.  Most of these are limited print runs published specifically for fund raising and now limited in quantity.

Waterbury Bridges the 20th Century:

A Pictorial History

This book looks at the History of Waterbury, Vermont through pictures with chapters on every decade of the 20th century.  It is available in both hardcover or softcover. 

Now only 10.00

Civil War Volunteers from Waterbury, Vermont and Duxbury

Edited by Linda Kaiser, 2006.  It is a 148 page softcover that contains the list of men, hospital information, disabilities incurred, letters, burial sites, and more.

This book written by Kevin Eurich is available from the Historical Society for 10.00.  (Shipping Included)

This video is available from the Historical Society for the price of 10.00

Vacation Hints.jpg

A reprint of a copy of Waterbury Vacation Hints published by the Record Press of Waterbury in 1906.

This booklet has 17 pages of why this is great vacation spot and 23 pages of ads from our local merchants.  The ads alone are very interesting to see who was here and what they sold in 1906.


10.00 each shipped to you




For your interest in any of the books or cards on this page please send your request and payment to Waterbury Historical Society P.O. Box 708 Waterbury, VT 05676




Maps  5.00 each

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