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Coming in August

Saturday, August 28th


  • Steele Community Room – 10:00am Flood film premier.  After the initial showing with any Q&A this will show again on a ongoing loop from 10am to 2pm along with a 5 minute Bob Kinsel flood video, and a 5 minute slide show of road construction.  This would be a good time to invite people to tour the WHS museum too.

  • WHS Walking tour #1 - 11:00-12:00, Rusty Parker Park and surrounding area (train station, old hotel, #1 license plate and carriage house story, etc. )

  • WHS Walking tour #2 – 2:30-3:30, Stowe Street and surrounding area, historic buildings, shops, etc.


FYI – David Schutz, state curator, will be doing 2 identical tours of the state office complex at 9am and 1pm.  We are trying to fit everything in so people can do several things during the day.  There will be sidewalk sales on Saturday too.  Please let me know if these times and events work for you so they can be listed in the draft program that will be coming together in the next week or two. 

Outreach Education

It Takes a Village to Love its Seniors

The Waterbury Senior Center and our Outreach Education Committee, which includes Jane Willard, Skip Flanders, Margo Sayah, and Grace Sweet together had planed programs to follow the noon meal at the

Senior Center.   We got this far before Covid-19 hit.

January 17th  DVD of the train art on the railroad bridge

February 14th  Slides and talk about the Mount Mansfield Electric Railroad

March 13th  Sharing family artifacts  

The Senior Center is now closed  --  we will let you know when they reopen.

In the meantime the Outreach Education Committee is providing 80 small gifts that will be delivered

with Meals on Wheels lunches each week.  The first week included a mystery photo of the 1927

Waterbury Flood Thanksgiving.  The answer arrived in the next week's meal.  Some of the gifts we have

received already include 80 Thanksgiving cards from Margo Sayah, 80 "A Vermont Christmas Tree" 

booklet from WDEV, 80 "Waterbury The Other Love of My Life" written by Kevin Eurich, Christmas Carol 

Quizzes prepared by Sue Johansen, 80 tea bags, 80 handmade ornaments, 80 Notecards by Alix (Art by 

Alix) and 80 magnets given by Alix.  The Eastern Star will provide 80 packs of cocoa, pre-packaged

Milano cookies and a few Hershey's kisses.  We also received 100 disposable masks courtesy of the

Rossi Family foundation and Waterbury Rotary.  Many small gifts have been given and will be put 

together to make 80 gifts.  If you need more information or wish to  participate please contact 

Margo Sayah at 244-7201 or email her at mmsayah@comcast.net.  Special thanks to all for

helping make this holiday season a little brighter for our seniors during this pandemic.