Postponed because of Covid-19

January 26, 2022
7:00  Municipal
Building (Steele Room)
Program on the 
Pony Boys


Revitalizing Waterbury Check.jpg

Our new project is a book on Waterbury for the last 20 years entitled Waterbury In the 21st Century.

Revitalizing Waterbury presented a check to the Waterbury Historical Society in the amount of 500.00 from RW's 2021 Event and Project Sponsorship Program.  The picture shows RW presenting the check to Jane Willard, Laura Parette and Cheryl Casey.


Outreach Education

It Takes a Village to Love its Seniors

The Waterbury Senior Center and our Outreach Education Committee, which includes Jane Willard, Skip Flanders, Margo Sayah, and Grace Sweet together had planed programs to follow the noon meal at the

Senior Center.   We got this far before Covid-19 hit.

January 17th  DVD of the train art on the railroad bridge

February 14th  Slides and talk about the Mount Mansfield Electric Railroad

March 13th  Sharing family artifacts

September 17th  Pony Boys program with Skip Flanders

October 15th  Foliage trip round the Waterbury Area 

The Senior Center is now open 


Our next program will be held November 19th and will be a visit to the

History Center.