The museum is open daily during Municipal Office working hours.  You are welcome to drop by and visit.

February 21st  11:00  Board Meeting at the Steele Community Room

Coloring Books are available at Brookside Books  (26 pages)

Vacation Hints

A reprint of a copy of Waterbury Vacation Hints published by the Record Press of Waterbury in 1906.

This booklet has 17 pages of why this is great vacation spot and 23 pages of ads from our local merchants.  The ads alone are very interesting to see who was here and what they sold in 1906.

We have printed 250 copies and they are now available for purchase.

Price is 7.50 & 2.50 for shipping.  $10.00 will get it mailed to you  Mail to P.O. Box 708, Waterbury, VT 05677

Barbara Walton, who did major work in reclaiming the Loomis Hill Cemetery shared 

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