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Mark Greenberg 

The Annual Meeting of the Waterbury Historical Society was held at the Municipal Building on December 10th.  President Cheryl Casey thanks all of those who so diligently  volunteered for the Historical

society during the past year.  Nominations for 2023 were presented by Jane Willard and Margo Sayah.  The vote was unanimous to accept them as presented.  A proposed budget was was submitted with proposed expenses at 37,466.75.  It too passed without exception.

Mark Greenberg presented a program featuring Waterbury
Musicians over the years and played examples of their wonderful talents.  Some of them are listed below

Mark Greenberg Program (4).JPG

The Hurstins playing their "Mountain Music"

Mark Greenberg Program (5).JPG

Don Fields There is a nice display of Don Fields artifacts in the History Center

Mark Greenberg Program (6).JPG

Buddy Triax and his band - His son Scott sent us a nice poster of Buddy and you can see it hanging in the History Center

Smokey Carey and his wife Lois

Mark Greenberg Program (8).JPG
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