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Skip Flanders gave a long history and interesting information of Hope Cemetery.

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On October 23, 2019 the Waterbury Historical Society gathered at the Steele Community Room for a program on Waterbury Cemeteries.  Seven cemeteries were lifted up by seven different speakers.  

Waterbury Center Maple Street Cemetery shared by Jack Carter.

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Cheryl Casey contributed information on the Old Center Cemetery on Route 100.  There are 37 Civil War Veterans buried in this cemetery. 

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The Demeritt Cemetery, located on Blush Hill is mostly a family cemetery.  Betty Jones shared information about the cemetery.  This is a small cemetery consisting of only 12 gravestones.

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The Ricker Mountain Cemeteries are located on the mountain above the Little River Camp Ground.  Brian Lindner had a power point presentation that showed these cemeteries.  The Little Wingate Cemetery (3 or so gravestones), Upper Cemetery (10 gravestones) and the Ricker Cemetery (18 gravestones) are three that are located on Ricker Mountain.

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Barbara Walton, who did major work on reclaiming the Loomis Hill Cemetery, shared the history and personalities that are buried there.

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John Woodruff told stories of vandalism  and history of the Johnson Cemetery which is located south of the Ice Center between the interstate and the railroad tracks.  Between 30 and 40 graves are found here.

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Although not spoken about at the program, the Vermont State Hospital Cemetery was lifted up in the brochure that was passed out. There were 28 people buried here between 1892 and 1912.  The cemetery is located off River Road just before the Ice Center where the mountain bike path begins. After passing through a large culvert that goes under the interstate follow the road about 200 yards.  On your right is a knoll off the main trail where you will find the cemetery.

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