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Living Hope Wesleyan Church

The Standard Church of America started a congregation in Stowe, Vermont in 1930. First meetings were held in the little schoolhouse in Stowe Hollow. In 1938, the WaterburyDam was being built which would then be called the Waterbury Reservoir. Before this dam was flooded, the houses that were situated in that valley had to be moved or destroyed. The congregation decided to move one of those buildings, and place it up the hill on Highland Street, in the Village of Stowe. This became the first church for the Standard Church in Vermont.

In 1967, Bessie Gibbs, resident in Waterbury Center, deeded a plot of land on Route 100, Shutesville Hill, for a new church to be built. The original building is still situated on that site. In 2008, the Standard Church merged with the Wesleyan denomination. The church was renamed Living Hope Wesleyan Church.

A list of Pastors who have served are: Pastor Brian Flemings

Pastor Reuben Malm

Pastor Burchel

Pastor Barse

Pastor Fred Crawford

Pastor Fred Clow

Pastor Vernon Scott

Pastor Edward Mallory

Pastor David Norman

Pastor Jeff Fuller (2014-current)

Due to the growth of Living Hope's congregation, a decision was made in 2016, to rent the cafeteria at Crossett Brook Middle School for Sunday services. Services were held there until Covid 19 forced the school and Living Hope to cease gathering in March 2020. Life (small) Groups continue to meet at the facility on Shutesville Hill safety precautions in place, or via password protected ZOOM. Sunday services are live streamed and recorded online (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter/Periscope), and also converted to a podcast format on Google Podcasts and iTunes: Living Hope Wesleyan.

The mission of the church is: Creating Community, Communicating Care. Believing as we're creative, we connect with others and engage them with respect, building trust. Therefore making the time to build relationships into trusted friendship.

Living Hope desires to partner in meeting the needs of our community through prayer and by being the hands and feet of Jesus, showing His love in practical ways. One resource is a Hygiene Pantry set up for anyone.

As Martin Luther has been recorded saying, "We are simply beggars, sharing bread with other beggars."

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