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Summer Picnic & Linda Radtke

Vermont Women and the Civil War
and Annual Meeting

On October 27th about 30 people joined together with masks to hear a presentation on Vermont women and their contributions to the Civil War.  Howard Coffin presented a well documented story of Vermont women and their hardships, successes, and contributions to the war effort. They sewed uniforms, provided blankets, mended shoes, washed clothes, and cooked for the soldiers.  Perhaps the most important role women played during the war was providing medical care for the sick and wounded.

Howard .JPG
Howard Coffin
Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Waterbury Historical Society was held following the presentation by Howard Coffin.  A slate of officers was accepted as presented and included the following:

Board of Directors:  Term ending 2023 - Anne Imhoff (to fill Jack Carter's term)

                             Term ending 2024 - Jan Gendreau

Vice President:        Term ending 2023 - Jill Chase

Secretary:               Term ending 2023 - Grace Sweet

The new officers assume their positions on January 1, 2022

A Budget of 23,989.15 was adopted for 2022.

This is what the caboose looked like at the start

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