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New Acquisitions


This Derby & Ball Snath and Scythe was donated to the Historical Society by Rob  & Cathy Gordon of Bowdoinham, Maine

Rialto Poster.jpg

The Rialto was one of two movie theaters in Waterbury

A gift from Scott Truax in memory of his dad.  Bud Truax and his Playboys were very much a part of Waterbury music in the mid to late 1950s.  Hanley's Horse Barn was located in North Duxbury on the left hand side just before turning up the Camel's Hump road.

This bureau was given to the Historical Society by Wendell Lowe.  It was constructed by his great grandfather, Isaac Elliot of Waterbury.

This Curtain was given to the Waterbury Historical Society by the Waterbury Center Grange and on February 25 & 26 it will be hung at the Thatcher Brook Primary School and displayed for the first time at this setting on Town Meeting Day.

This model of the railroad station was made by Bill Erwin and presented to the Historical Society July 29, 2015.

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