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We are a community organization who deeply appreciates the support, and interest of our community. 

​Membership ​Dues: 
$10 per person 
$15 per Family (couple and children under 18) 

(The label on your newsletter indicates when your membership expires)

Current Officers 
Barbara Farr - President   802-888-3810

Jim Walton - Vice President   802-244-7587

Grace Sweet - Secretary  802-244-7123
Paul Willard - Treasurer  802-244-6330

Board of Directors 

Stephen Van Esen  802-793-0525
Jack Carter   802-244-7409

Jan Gendreau    802-244-5029


Archivist and Researcher 

LeeAnne Viens, Office Manager


Jill Chase, Assistant Archivist  


Sandy Hough, Cataloguer

Program Committee: 
Betty Jones  802-244-8089

Cheryl Casey  802-598-1553

Camille Mason  802-882-8017

Betsy Ayers Shapiro  802-505-1143

Anne Imhoff 802-244-8433

Josette Metayer  802-793-9794

Education Outreach Committee

Jane Willard 802-244-6330

Grace Sweet 802-244-7123

Skip Flanders 802-244-5529

Margo Sayah 802-244-7201



Jack Carter  802-244-7409


Newsletter Editor:

 Cheryl Casey  802-598-1553  (

(Your articles, memories and thoughts are always welcomed)



 Editor:   ​Paul Willard  802-244-6330


Email Address:  


Waterbury Historical Society
P.O. Box 708 
Waterbury, VT  05676


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Barbara Walton, who did major work in reclaiming the Loomis Hill Cemetery shared 

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