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The Bryan Farm Summer Meeting

On Wednesday, July 7th about 25 people gathered at the Bryan Farm for a picnic and a tour of the old farm house.  

Bryan House.jpg

Cheryl Casey, President of the Waterbury Historical Society opened the events of the day with a time of silence in memory of Jack Carter, our long time curator who recently passed away.  

William and Horatio Eddy

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Cheryl Speaking.jpg
Mark Speaking.jpg

Inside the from door is a place for people to sign in who are visiting the farm.  Behind the door there was a familiar name to the Historical Center.

Bill Woodriff.jpg

Mark says this is the oldest living maple tree in the State of Vermont

Mark Tufts, son-in-law of Willis Bryan gave a brief history of the farm and the people who have lived there.  People then took a tour of the inside of the house which has the same furnishings as it did in the early days.

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Our Mascot

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