The Devil's Cabinet: The Story of the Eddy Family from Chittenden, VT

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Jason Smiley

About 45 people gathered at the Steele Room to listen to Jason Smiley's presentation on the Eddy Family, spiritualism and seances.  

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William and Horatio Eddy

The Eddy Brothers were William and Horatio Eddy, two American mediums best known in the 1870s, who claimed psychic powers. While the two brothers’ names became iconic, they had other siblings, including sisters, that also exhibited psychic abilities and performed shows with them.

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Where Seances were often held

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The Eddy's home in Chittenden, Vermont

Jason has written a book about the Eddy Family and Spiritualism entitled "The Devil's Workshop" and it will be available in the fall of 2019 from Amazon as well as brick and mortar bookstores.

In a blog called "Discover all of New England", Carla Charter had an interview with Jason and you can read about it at her site: